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save, put aside, lay aside; avoid, evade; free, release, liberate; (Caribbean) abort, cancel; (Central America) fail; (Andean) shirk, evade one's duty

(v.) = make + savings ; save ; cut + corners ; make + economies ; save + a penny.
Ex: By replacing parts of photocopying services with advanced personal computer technology libraries should make savings sufficient to pay royalty for each page copied.
Ex: In strong contrast to, say, television sets and instant coffee, where the consumer may save by shopping around, there is no advantage to be gained by going to one shop rather than another for a book so far as price is concerned.
Ex: Consequently, we would probably often consider cutting corners and not effecting the change under all of the added entries.
Ex: Further economies could perhaps be made by taking a closer look at the way in which our university libraries are used.
Ex: Grandma use to say, to save a penny, you have to earn a penny.
* ahorrar Algo para otra vez = put aside for + a rainy day.
* ahorrar dinero = save + money ; save + a penny.
* ahorrar el trabajo de = save + effort in.
* ahorrar energía = save + energy.
* ahorrar espacio = conserve + space ; save + space.
* ahorrar la molestia = save + trouble.
* ahorrar la molestia a Alguien = spare + Nombre + a problem.
* ahorrar mano de obra = save + manpower.
* ahorrar para cuando lleguen las vacas flacas = save for + a rainy day ; put aside for + a rainy day.
* ahorrar para cuando lleguen tiempos difíciles = save for + a rainy day ; put aside for + a rainy day.
* ahorrarse = shave off.
* ahorrarse la molestia de = obviate + the need for.
* ahorrarse la necesidad de = circumvent + the need to.
* ahorrarse la saliva = save + Posesivo + breath.
* ahorrarse las palabras = save + Posesivo + breath.
* ahorrar tiempo = save + time.
* ahorrar tiempo de escritura = save + typing.
* ahorrar un montón = save + a bundle ; save + a ton.
* ahorrar un montón de dinero = save + a ton of money.
* destinado a ahorrar dinero = money-saving.
* que ahorra esfuerzo = labour-saving.
* que ahorran dinero = dollar-saving.
* que ahorra trabajo = labour-saving.

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