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isolation, insulation; remoteness; privacy

insulation, isolation



(n.) = isolation ; insularity ; ostracism ; reclusion ; confinement.
Ex: He wrote an article with the title 'A rabbit-proof fence: benefits and problems of isolation in Western Australia'.
Ex: It is not a question of loss of sovereignty, or the so-called British 'insularity' much vaunted in Community circles.
Ex: Children's librarians have perpetuated beliefs and behaviour patterns that may lead to the elimination, downgrading or ostracism of children's services.
Ex: Much of his later life he lived in reclusion, loneliness, poor health, and despair.
Ex: Omarska also provides a textbook case of unlawful confinement, a war crime.
* aislamiento social = social isolation.
* celda de aislamiento = solitary confinement cell.
* en celda de aislamiento = in solitary confinement.
* encerrar en celda de aislamiento = place in + solitary confinement.
* estar encerrado en celda de aislamiento = be in solitary confinement.
(n.) = insulation ; insulating.
Ex: With a little bit of forethought on such aspects as insulation, windows and even the shape of a building to name only some aspects, considerable economies can be achieved.
Ex: Teaching units cover insulating, drywall, painting and wall covering, glass and glazing, floor covering, and landscaping.
* aislamiento acústico = acoustic isolation ; soundproofing ; acoustic insulation.
* aislamiento térmico = thermal insulation.

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