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alb; dawn
white, having a white color

daybreak, dawn


(n.) = sunrise ; dawn ; sunup ; break of dawn ; break of day ; daybreak.
Ex: The software displays sunrise and sunset and automatically adjusts to summer or daylight saving time.
Ex: Cahn also postulated that about ten million scientific papers had been produced since the dawn of civilization = Cahn también postuló que se habían producido aproximadamente diez millones de artículos científicos desde los albores de la civilización.
Ex: The locals will consume absolutely nothing after sunup and will only be taking sustenance after sundown.
Ex: He must be defeated before the break of dawn; all players will instantly die if he is still alive at that point.
Ex: Let's make the most of time before the break of day.
Ex: Sometimes, your enemy will unleash an attack just before daybreak.
* al alba = at the break of dawn ; at the break of day ; at cockcrow ; at dawn ; at daybreak.
* al despuntar el alba = at the crack of dawn ; at the break of dawn ; at the break of day.
* al rayar el alba = at the crack of dawn ; at the break of day.
* coro del alba de los pájaros = morning chorus ; dawn chorus.
* guardia del alba = morning watch.
* lavandera alba = pied wagtail.
* motacilla alba = pied wagtail.
* vigía del alba = morning watch.

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