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culvert; drain; sewer; (Caribbean and Mexico) public fountain
install sewage system, install sewers


(n.) = sewer ; sewer pipe ; drain ; gutter.
Ex: They constructed many miles of sewer and can be seen as the true instigators of the 19th c. sanitary revolution.
Ex: The architect's brief specifies that conduit (of sewer pipe size if possible) should be provided for electrical wiring with outlets placed in the ceiling every metre.
Ex: Water can enter computer rooms from numerous sources: air conditioners; roof, floor, and wall leaks; backed-up floor drains; and fire sprinklers.
Ex: Sampling for immature stages of mosquito was done weekly between May 1999 and January 2000 by straining them from the water in ravines and gutters.
* boca de alcantarilla = manhole.
* tapa de alcantarilla = manhole cover.

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