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happy, glad, pleased; merry, joyful, festive
gladden, cheer; liven, enliven

happy, glad


(adj.) = cheerful ; lively ; light hearted [light-hearted/lighhearted] ; jolly ; merry ; joyful ; blithe ; gleeful ; perky ; cheery ; breezy ; good-humoured ; festive ; jaunty ; joyous ; glad ; jovial.
Ex: Tom Hernandez tried not to show how sad he felt about his friends' leaving, and managed to keep up a cheerful facade until the party broke up.
Ex: But in the country the processes of printing always provoke such lively curiosity that the customers preferred to go in by a glazed door set in the shop-front and giving onto the street.
Ex: Properly read, live literature -- even the quietest or most light-hearted -- may be disturbing, may subvert our view of life.
Ex: 'Let folks alone and all will then be jolly'.
Ex: Maybe Juan and his merry companions would be happy to relegate us to the boiler room, or a janitor's closet!.
Ex: It's that joyful leap from one place to another that symbolises the freedom to explore on the web.
Ex: According to these librarians, prudent judgment and professional knowledge about the value of a title should never be replaced by a blithe trust in statistical data = De acuerdo con estos bibliotecarios, el juicio prudente y el conocimiento profesional sobre el valor de un título no debe reemplazarse por una despreocupada confianza en los datos estadísticos.
Ex: However, there is a gleeful bad-taste energy throughout; the film's dumb good nature is infectious, though hardly commendable.
Ex: The members of Harvey's family seem almost spookily healthy and perky and nice to each other.
Ex: The novel is a cheery social satire about geeky middle-aged men and their freakishly attractive, younger spouses.
Ex: This knowing sequel to the breezy glamor of 'Ocean's Eleven' provides more thieves, more heists, more twists, more locations, and more playfulness than the original.
Ex: The second thing is being good-humoured, not to get angry or pontificate or be dogmatic.
Ex: Christmas was especially festive with granma and granpa here to share it.
Ex: A wool beret, worn at just such a jaunty angle says 'I'm confident' in a most nonchalant way.
Ex: Also she possessed a pair of wonderful blue eyes that danced and scintillated with joyous good humour.
Ex: Her friends had perceived with regret that her buoyant spirits were giving place to unusual depression and that a languor was creeping over her glad eyes.
Ex: Uncle Tony was always jovial and cracking jokes with his hearty laugh.
* ánimo alegre = buoyant spirit.
* espíritu alegre = buoyant spirit.
* más alegre que unas castañuelas = as happy as Larry ; as happy as a lark ; as merry as a lark ; as merry as a cricket.
* muy alegre = in a festive mood.
* sentirse alegre = feel + happy.
(v.) = jazz up ; brighten up ; liven up.
Ex: After jazzing up her appearance with a new blonde hairdo, she turns up in his office and talks him into taking her out for a meal.
Ex: The flowers will really help brighten up the cemetery when they flower in spring.
Ex: Here are ten fun ways to liven up your average train journey.
* alegrar la vida a Alguien = brighten up + Posesivo + life.
* alegrarle el día a Alguien = brighten up + Posesivo + day ; make + Posesivo + day.
* alegrarse = feel + elated ; brighten ; come to + life ; feel + happy.
* alegrarse de = be glad (to) ; rejoice in.
* alegrarse escuchar que = be glad to hear that.
* alegrarse oír que = be glad to hear that.
* alegrarse por = be glad to hear that.
* no alegrar = bring no + joy ; take no + joy.

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