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German, of German origin, of or pertaining to Germany
German, German language


(n.) = Deutsche ; German ; Hun ; Kraut ; Jerry.
Nota: Usado a veces en singular con significado plural.
Ex: German is the English equivalent of Deutsche.
Ex: The Root Thesaurus designations are independent of specific language (that is, French, German, Italian).
Ex: Mathilda Panopoulos, known as 'Tilly' to her friends and colleagues but usually styled 'Tilly the Hun' or just 'the Hun' by her detractors, is a native of Pritchard.
Ex: Consider now what we're going to place in the right-hand column, one for one, analogous: Krauts, Wops, Frogs, Kikes, Polacks, Micks, and Gringos.
Ex: Jerry had to guess where the bridges were, though, for a vast smoke screen covered miles of the river successfully hiding the bridges.
* Asociación de Archiveros Alemanes = Verein Deutscher Archivare.
* francoalemán = Franco-German.
* marco alemán = German mark.
* ocupado por los alemanes = German-occupied.
* pastor alemán = Alsatian ; German shepherd dog ; German shepherd.
* República Democrática Alemana = German Democratic Republic (GDR).
* República Federal Alemana = Federal Republic of Germany (FDR).
* soldado alemán = Jerry.

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