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carpet, rug, fabric floor covering
carpet, cover or furnish with carpeting


carpet , rug

it carpets

(n.) = rug ; carpet.
Ex: This article compares an expert system to a rug and the shell to the loom on which it was woven.
Ex: Factories are manufacturing hundreds of diversified products: paper containers, overalls, wire products, icepicks, furniture, building supplies, soap, buttons, wallpaper, kitchenware, shirts, cosmetics, carpets, paint -- the list goes on.
* alfombra de pie de cama = bedside rug.
* alfombra roja = red carpet, the.
* polilla de la alfombra = carpet beetle.
(v.) = carpet.
Ex: The floor is carpeted, thus providing a large degree of acoustic absorption and a unifying and dominant colour pattern through the library.
* alfombrar de nuevo = recarpet [re-carpet].
* volver a alfombrar = recarpet [re-carpet].

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