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breath; wind; encouragement
encourage, cheer; animate, inspirit



(n.) = breath.
Ex: The energy comes from the diaphragm, which propels the breath like stones from a catapult so that the words are lobbed from speaker to listener.
* aguantar el aliento = hold + Posesivo + breath.
* contener el aliento = hold + Posesivo + breath.
* dejar a Alguien sin aliento = knock + the socks out of.
* dejar sin aliento = leave + Nombre + breathless ; leave + Nombre + speechless ; knock + Posesivo + socks off ; take + Posesivo + breath away.
* falta de aliento = shortness of breath.
* falto de aliento = breathless.
* grito de aliento = cheer.
* hablar hasta quedarse sin aliento = talk until + be + blue in the face.
* mal aliento = bad breath.
* no desperdiciar el aliento = save + Posesivo + breath.
* palabras de aliento = pep talk ; kind words.
* Posesivo + último aliento = Posesivo + last breath.
* quedarse sin aliento = run out of + breath.
* quitar el aliento = take + Posesivo + breath away.
* recuperar el aliento = catch + Posesivo + breath ; get + Posesivo + breath back.
* sin aliento = breathlessly ; breathless ; out of breath.
* tomar aliento = draw + a breath.
(v.) = encourage ; spur ; stimulate ; cheer ; hearten ; root for ; be behind + Alguien.
Ex: A common catalogue encourages users to regard the different information carrying media as part of range of media.
Ex: Spurred by press comments on dumping of withdrawn library books in rubbish skips, Birkerd Library requested the Ministry of Culture's permission to sell withdrawn materials.
Ex: An alertness to work in related fields may stimulate creativity in disseminating ideas from one field of study to another, for both the researcher and the manager.
Ex: I shall neither cheer nor mourn its passing from the current agenda because to do so would be to demonstrate a partisanship that was not presidential.
Ex: We are heartened by the fact that we are still so far a growth story in the midst of this global challenge.
Ex: I didn't know her from Adam but started rooting for her from day 1 of the competition.
Ex: We told her that we are behind her no matter what happens.
* alentar la esperanza = foster + hope.

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