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warehouse, storehouse, depot; shop; grocery, grocer's shop


storehouse , warehouse


(n.) = storehouse ; warehouse ; storeroom [store-room] ; storing room ; depot ; stockroom ; storage facility ; storage room.
Ex: The first alternative views the library as a storehouse for cultural materials, a reservoir of significant books.
Ex: Our warehouse shelter a 13 metre high, 60 ton ammonia retort and a 37 metre wingspan airliner.
Ex: Mathematical models are presented that describe the diffusion of gaseous pollutants from the air in a storeroom into protective containers and the reaction with the documents lying in them.
Ex: It is unlikely for libraries in poor countries to set up a special building or storing room and finance its maintenance.
Ex: The depot buys the books for the schools and passes on to them some of the discount it receives by buying direct from the publishers.
Ex: Among the causes of damage to archival records, temperature, moisture content, and pollution of the air in stockrooms play an important role.
Ex: Due to a seasonal demand, when the storage facility is full this product has to be dumped into the quarry using dumpers.
Ex: All storage rooms where flammable liquids are stored should have restricted access and be properly identified.
* almacén de bricolaje = DIY store ; home improvement store.
* almacén de libros = book-warehouse.
* almacén de maderas = lumberyard ; timber yard.
* almacén de papelería = stationery store.
* almacén frigorífico = freezer warehouse.
* encargado del almacén = warehouse keeper ; warehouseman [warehousemen, pl.].
* gran almacén = discount retailer.
* grandes almacenes = department store.

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