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dinner; lunch
have a dinner, lunch

lunch, snack




(n.) = lunch ; luncheon ; lunch hour ; midday meal.
Ex: While lunches and exhibit booth encounters at ALA and state conferences help, neither replaces a good, structured focus group.
Ex: This is a paper presented at the luncheon in honour of academic leaders held at the 5th National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in Cincinnati, USA, on 6 Apr 89.
Ex: Peak use of the libraries occurs during lunch hours.
Ex: In Spain, the midday meal is the largest meal of the day, usually with multiple courses.
* almuerzo de trabajo = work luncheon.
* almuerzo escolar = school lunch ; school dinner.
* almuerzo preparado = packed lunch.
* almuerzo tipo bufé = lunch buffet ; buffet lunch.
* comer + Nombre + para el almuerzo = have + Nombre + for lunch.
* desayuno-almuerzo = brunch.
* hora del almuerzo = lunchtime ; lunch hour.
(v.) = have (+ Posesivo) + lunch ; lunch.
Ex: A few days ago, I had lunch with two divorced women who really made me re-evaluate how I feel about certain divorce situations.
Ex: Daily lunching with colleagues may give you financial indigestion.
* almorzar + Nombre = have + Nombre + for lunch.
* salir al almorzar con = go out to + lunch with.

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