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accommodation, housing; residence; lodging



(n.) = housing ; quarters ; lodging ; accommodation ; digs ; living quarters ; billet ; pad.
Ex: The form of these terms, whether descriptors or non-descriptors, is usually one of the following: single words, e.g. Government, Hovercraft, housing.
Ex: Soon, however, the collection outgrew its meagre quarters and a full-fledged library occupying a 40x60 foot area came into being.
Ex: All these CD-ROM software products provide highly customized itineraries; very good route maps; and listings of lodgings, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and other sights along the way.
Ex: NACs deal with a wide range of topics such as public and private rented accommodation, rents, rebates and allowances, improvement grants, landlord-tenant relations, environmental health, and house purchase.
Ex: Don't go to France thinking that your cherished ancient library from your 50s/60s school days remains unchanged amid the splendour of its beautiful if dingy old digs.
Ex: The captain's living quarters in a warship were furnished according to his pocket, the bare necessities in the case of an officer without private means, and luxury for a noble or wealthy man.
Ex: They then decided that discretion was the better part of valour so, after warning the authorities, they headed back to their billet.
Ex: He's got his own pad, his own limo driver, and he's spending the money like there's no tomorrow!.
* alojamiento alternativo = alternative accommodation.
* alojamiento barato = budget accommodation.
* alojamiento de alquiler = rented accommodation.
* alojamiento de alquiler vacacional = holiday let ; holiday rental.
* alojamiento de lujo = mews cottage.
* alojamiento de páginas web = web hosting.
* alojamiento económico = budget accommodation.
* alojamiento en familia = home stay.
* alojamiento en hotel = hotel accommodation.
* alojamiento en régimen de pensión completa = full-board accommodation.
* asesoría de alojamiento = housing advice centre.
* buscar alojamiento = house hunt ; go + flat-hunting ; go + house-hunting.
* búsqueda de alojamiento = house hunt ; house-hunting ; flat-hunting.
* comida y alojamiento = board and lodging.
* dar alojamiento = put up.
* encontrar alojamiento = find + a home.
* gastos de alojamiento = lodging expenses ; lodging costs.
* información de alojamiento = housing information.
* traslado de alojamiento = rehousing.

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