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rent, let; hire, engage


(v.) = hire ; lease ; rent ; charter ; rent out ; let.
Ex: Plantin of Antwerp sacked him in 1573, but hired him again a few days later = Plantin de Antwerp le despidió en 1573, pero le contrató de nuevo unos pocos días después.
Ex: Many packages are available for purchase or lease, but there are also strictly in-house packages and packages developed by specific software houses under contract from one organisation.
Ex: 65% of books rented are novels, 20% mysteries and suspense, and 15% non-fiction.
Ex: The various forms of chartering of ship for the carriage of bulk cargoes are described.
Ex: If a job or family situation takes you away from home, consider renting out your home to offset all or part of the costs of your monthly mortgage payment.
Ex: The priority of this website is to help find the perfect property for you, whether it be to buy or let.
* alquilar habitaciones = take in + lodgers.
* alquilar + Posesivo + vientre = rent + Posesivo + womb.
* alquilar tiempo = buy + time.
* volver a alquilar = rehire [re-hire].

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