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renting, leasing; rental; charter



(n.) = rental charge ; rent ; rental ; hire ; renting ; tenancy ; chartering.
Ex: In estimating the cost of setting up an automated library information system a wide range of factors must be considered, including cost of purchase and need to renew hardware every 3 to 5 years, rental charges, maintenance costs, and staff salaries.
Ex: Most worrying for all retailers is the continuing upward spiral in overheads and specifically in rents and rates.
Ex: There is a connection charge and an annual rental plus a charge for each call at rates which vary according to the distance between centres.
Ex: It is a service based on the sale rather than the hire of floppy discs.
Ex: Entries contain all the information pertinent to a particular title, including a physical description of the material and information for purchasing or renting.
Ex: An oppressive farmer tenancy system has developed under these reforms, but the Left movement is working for land nationalization.
Ex: The author discusses identifies the information needs and problems of the maritime industry using its tanker chartering section as an example.
* alojamiento de alquiler = rented accommodation.
* alojamiento de alquiler vacacional = holiday let ; holiday rental.
* alquiler de bicicletas = bicycle rental.
* alquiler de coches = car rental ; car hire.
* alquiler de vehículos = car rental.
* alquiler de vídeos = video rental.
* alquiler de vivienda = housing rental.
* alquiler vacacional = holiday let ; holiday rental.
* biblioteca de alquiler = rental library.
* casa de alquiler = house let.
* casa de alquiler vacacional = holiday home ; holiday house.
* coche de alquiler = hired car ; hire car.
* compañía de compra por alquiler = hire-purchase company.
* contrato de alquiler = rental agreement ; lease.
* derecho de alquiler = rental right.
* devolución del alquiler = rent rebate.
* en alquiler = rented.
* madre de alquiler = surrogate mother ; surrogate mum.
* madres de alquiler = surrogacy.
* mercado inmobiliario de alquiler = rented housing market.
* oficina de alquiler = rental office.
* película de alquiler = rental movie.
* poner en alquiler = rent out.
* remolque de alquiler = U-Haul trailor.
* subsidio de alquiler = housing benefit.
* tienda de alquiler = rental outlet.

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