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heap, pile, mound (Mexico)
alter, change; disturb, upset; debase; alloy

I alter it altered

(v.) = alter ; disturb ; upset ; doctor ; redraw [re-draw] ; change ; faze.
Ex: Even the same collection some years on will have altered, and the device, in order to remain effective, must evolve in keeping with the development of the collection.
Ex: Transcribe the data as found, however, if case endings are affected, if the grammatical construction of the data would be disturbed, or if one element is inseparably linked to another.
Ex: Especially if the new subject is one which upsets the previous structure of relationships, it will be difficult to fit into the existing order.
Ex: The purpose of the present paper is to determine the effect of doctoring AACR2 in this manner.
Ex: the Internet has fundamentally redrawn the way in which people can organize themselves.
Ex: A scheme should permit changes in terminology as subjects change their names.
Ex: Arranged marriages, which are so the norm here in India, always seem to faze the non-Indians.
* alterar el equilibrio = upset + the balance.
* alterar el orden público = breach + the peace ; disturb + the peace.
* alterar el sistema = perturb + the system.
* alterar la paz = disrupt + peace.
* alterar los nervios = upset + Posesivo + nerves.
* sin alterar = unaltered ; unmodified.

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