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ambitious, aspiring; eager; pushing; grandiose

ambitiously, ambitious

(adj.) = ambitious ; high-flying ; aspiring ; social climber ; careerist ; power-hungry ; covetous ; avaricious ; aspirational.
Ex: No attempt is made to provide any detailed familiarity with the entire range of operators; that would be too ambitious an aim for this modest account.
Ex: I do have to add, however, that this rapid character drawing was a touch spoiled by the bathos of Slake's high-flying style.
Ex: The idea was to give the 'best and most aspiring poor' the opportunity to improve; the not so good and less aspiring be damned!.
Ex: New ideas are most likely to be introduced and pursued by 'social climbers'.
Ex: The author discusses the differences between authentic publishers (those with the mind set of a professional) and the rest (who are regarded as greedy and vain careerists).
Ex: Power-hungry politicians are creating havoc everywhere.
Ex: A persistently covetous person cannot hold a position of responsibility in the church.
Ex: In hell, the avaricious are divided into the hoarders and the wasters, and we find them thusly divided here in purgatory though sharing in the same purification.
Ex: As others have said, this is anaspirational directive about the sort of Europe we want to create = Como otros han dicho, ésta es una directiva ambiciosa sobre el tipo de Europa que queremos crear.
* actor ambicioso = aspiring actor.
* actriz ambiciosa = aspiring actress.

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