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threaten, menace; loom up, impend


(v.) = pose + a threat ; threaten ; make + threats ; menace ; rattle + Posesivo + saber ; bare + Posesivo + teeth ; show + Posesivo + teeth ; loom.
Ex: Some would speculate that optical publishing poses a threat to online information retrieval.
Ex: Besides, any second edition threatened to require some recataloguing.
Ex: He knew that Kate Lespran was not one to make empty threats.
Ex: Her sympathy for small, helpless creatures suggests that she sees herself as an imprisoned, helpless creature herself, vulnerable to men who would menace or tyrannize her.
Ex: President Bush is rattling his saber and has declared open season on Saddam personally.
Ex: He kept his eyes on Aethon and bared his teeth in a silent snarl as he allowed himself to be led backward.
Ex: Wind raged over the sea; waves snarled and showed their teeth.
Ex: As the 1992 unification of the European Community looms, East European countries are becoming jittery and apprehensive about the implications for them.
* amenazar lluvia = clouds + look + menacing ; sky + look + menacing.
* cielo + amenazar + lluvia = sky + look + menacing.
* edificio que amenaza ruina = condemned building.
* nubes + amenazar + lluvia = clouds + look + menacing.

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