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enlargement, amplification; extension; development; aggrandizement

augmentation, enlargement enlargement

(n.) = amplification ; blow-up ; elaboration ; enlargement ; extension ; magnification ; broadening ; extension ; widening.
Ex: Even with such a limitation and many later supplementations by various hands, by way of addition, correction and amplification, it falls far short of completeness.
Ex: In most of these cases, however, a limited number of full-size 'blow-ups', on paper, are also produced which can be made available to users who cannot use microfiche.
Ex: The 1949 code was essentially a greater elaboration of the 1908 code in an attempt to rectify the omissions of the 1908 code.
Ex: This enlargement of interests forms the basis of the claim to provide an information education appropriate to other than library-type environments.
Ex: These can be seen as extensions of the supportive role provided by Neighbourhood Advice Centres to community groups.
Ex: The inscription, readable without magnification, placed at the top of the microfiche to identify its contents is known as the microfiche header.
Ex: This article reports on the views a sample of Australian library educators holds about the broadening of library education.
Ex: This article also describes a multi-million pound extension scheme which is in the course of construction at Glasgow's Mitchell Library = Este artículo también describe una ampliación de varios millones de libras que está en construcción en la Biblioteca Mitchell de Glasgow.
Ex: Despite growth in export volume in recent years, there has been a widening of the national current account deficit from 8.8% to over 20%.
* ampliación de la biblioteca = library extension.
* ampliación de las responsabilidades laborales = job enrichment.
* ampliación de responsabilidades laborales = job enlargement.
* escala de ampliación = enlargement ratio.
* proyecto de ampliación = addition project.
* señal de ampliación = extension sign.

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