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yearning, longing; craving, hankering; homesickness

homesickness yearning

(n.) = nostalgia ; homesickness ; hankering ; yearning.
Ex: Nostalgia has long been a symptom of fear of, or dissatisfaction with the present and likely future.
Ex: Homesickness occurs to some degree in nearly everyone leaving familiar surroundings and entering a new environment.
Ex: In order to keep her girlish figure, she is on a prescription weight diet, but hasn't solved her hankering for cheese.
Ex: A flood of feeling welled up in him about life and death and beauty and suffering and transitoriness and the yearning of his unsatisfied soul for a happiness not to be found on earth which poured out in 'Ode to a Nightingale'.
* con añoranza = longingly ; wistfully ; homesick.
* sentir añoranza = be homesick ; feel + homesick.
* tener añoranza = be homesick ; feel + homesick.

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