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anxious, yearning; eager, avid

eager, anxious


= anxious ; eager ; wishful ; expectant ; nothing loath.
Ex: In this reading mood we feel anxious, tired, lazy, worried -- whatever causes us to reject demanding and 'new' literature and forces us to take up again books that are comfortably -- and comfortingly -- known and easily enjoyed.
Ex: Nationwide networking crept up on libraries, eager to share the resources they could not afford singly or even in small groups.
Ex: To the extent that special librarians can recognise what burnout is and how, when, and where it occurs, they will be better prepared to resist the ineffectual, wishful remedies that are sometimes practised.
Ex: And they are coming after years of comparative plenty, with the expectant attitudes generated by such plenty another force with which to contend.
Ex: The stranger, nothing loath to start a conversation with them, looked at them smilingly.
* ansioso de = hungry for.
* ansioso de poder = power-hungry.
* ansioso por aprender = thirsty for knowledge.
* demasiado ansioso = overeager [over-eager].
* estar ansioso por = be eager to ; be raring to.
* excesivamente ansioso = overeager [over-eager].

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