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apparatus, device; system; machine; gear; receiver; appliance; gadget; show, display; symptom, indication (Medicine); syndrome; dick, penis (vulgar); cunt (vulgar)


(n.) = gadgetry ; mechanical equipment.
Ex: We can permit ourselves to be hypnotized by the gadgetry for access and by illusory cost reductions, or we can use the computer effectively to transform the catalog into a truly responsive instrument. Ex: Be sure any mechanical equipment required (tape machines, film projectors, etc.) does actually work, can be replaced at a moment's notice if it breaks down, and is handled by a competent operator. (n.) = apparatus ; device ; machine ; whatchamacallit ; gadget ; widget ; rig ; appliance ; unit ; contraption.
Ex: The abstracts of research papers will typically represent the methodology employed, in particular, apparatus, equipment, tools, materials.
Ex: The extent of application of the synthetic devices will vary from one library to another.
Ex: Synonyms, related terms and other variants must now be collected, either by human selection, or with the aid of the machine.
Ex: In his book's section 'Watchamacallit' he forecasts that communication between user and machine will be through voice for entering text and a pen-like device for pointing.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Exhibits in the American Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World's Fair: women's clothing, men's gadgets, hot dogs and haute couture'.
Ex: The term widget is taken from the 1963 movie, 'The Wheeler-Dealers'.
Ex: An adjustable seating rig was used to create the three-dimensional shape of a static lounge chair.
Ex: People want information available through the appliances they use in the mainstream of their daily lives.
Ex: Data-capture units are light pens, and such units can be made available at various locations in the library for public consultation.
Ex: If you are in cahoots with the circle of power, you get your projects approved in no time, and in some cases, you can build the most hideous and unsightly contraption.
* aparato reproductor = genital tract.
* aparato burocrático = bureaucratic apparatus.
* aparato de aire acondicionado = air conditioner.
* aparato de aire acondiconado = air conditioning unit.
* aparato de grabación = recorder.
* aparato de informática del tamaño de la palma de la mano = palm computing device.
* aparato de lectura = reading machine.
* aparato del partido = party machinery.
* aparato de medición = meter.
* aparato de radio = radio set.
* aparato de televisión = television set ; TV set.
* aparato de vídeo = videocassette recorder (VCR) ; home video recorder ; video recorder.
* aparato digestivo, el = gastrointestinal tract, the ; digestive tract, the ; digestive canal, the ; digestive tube, the.
* aparato eléctrico = electrical apparatus ; power appliance.
* aparato electrónico = electronic device.
* aparato genital = genital tract.
* aparato motorizado = motorised device.
* aparato óptico = optical device.
* aparato para el uso de la información = information appliance.
* aparato para usar Internet = Internet appliance.
* aparato político = machine politics.
* aparato propagandista = propaganda machine.
* aparato reproductivo = genital tract.
* aparatos = gadgetry ; mechanical equipment.
* aparatos de vídeo = video equipment.
* aparatos eléctricos = electrical equipment ; electrical appliances ; appliances ; household appliances.
* aparatos eléctricos del hogar = home appliances ; domestic appliances ; home appliances.
* aparatos electrónicos = electronic(s) appliances.
* aparato urinario = urinary tract.
* zona con aparatos electrónicos = equipment area.

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