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appear, come into view; emerge, come out; show up, turn up; loom up; intervene; develop

he/she appears

(v.) = appear ; become + available ; come into + being ; feature ; give ; occur ; rise ; pop up ; show up ; come into + existence ; burgeon ; surface ; dawn ; come through ; come up ; come with ; come on the + scene ; set in ; crop up ; show + Posesivo + face ; put in + an appearance ; bubble up.
Ex: The statement of authorship is also transcribed and it appears in the work.
Ex: Mini and micro computers will become cheaper and information retrieval software will become available in more financially attractive, user friendly and tried and tested packages.
Ex: I think it would be useful to take just a few minutes to talk about how our institutions come into being.
Ex: If a corporate body is deemed to have some intellectual responsibility for the content of a work, then the name of that body will usually feature as a heading on either a main or added entry.
Ex: An abstract of a bibliography can be expected to note whether author affiliations are given = Es de esperar que el resumen de una bibliografía indique si se incluyen los lugares de trabajo de los autores.
Ex: In DOBIS/LIBIS, this occurs only when entering multiple surnames.
Ex: The public library has two choices: to follow the dodo or to rise again like the phoenix.
Ex: It can pop up in one form one week and in another form another week.
Ex: Problems of community service seem to show up more clearly in the countryside.
Ex: Some university libraries have been built up over the centuries; others have come into existence over the last 40 years.
Ex: The other principal omission from UNESCO's 1950 listing was report literature -- a field of published record which has burgeoned in the last thirty years = La otra omisión principal de la lista de 1950 de la UNESCO fueron los informes, un área que se ha desarrollado en los últimos treinta años.
Ex: Power struggles are surfacing at major academic institutions across the USA.
Ex: However, because of the long duration of feudal society, modern civilization, including modern libraries, dawned in China later than in the industrialized Western countries.
Ex: More sophisticated accreditation systems are coming through, but these are currently relatively little used in these areas, and are more common in ecommerce applications.
Ex: She outlined the tasks she had been assigned and mentioned that if any emergencies came up she was the person to bring them to.
Ex: The problem comes with ideographic languages.
Ex: This is the first CD price cut since the media format came on the scene in the 1980's.
Ex: Open or compound fractures were usually fatal prior to the advent of antiseptics in the 1860s because infection would set in.
Ex: Although same problems with software applications, hardware and user training programmes had cropped up periodically, on balance, users are reasonably pleased with their acquisitions.
Ex: I've been told to get over here again and show my face!.
Ex: While odd red-footed falcons put in appearances locally every year, the birds nest regularly no nearer to Britain than Eastern Europe.
Ex: This book captures the energy and excitement bubbling up in cities across America.
* aparece frecuentemente en = in evidence in.
* aparecer amenazadoramente = rear + its head.
* aparecer aquí y allá en = intersperse.
* aparecer como por encanto = come out of + nowhere ; come from + nowhere.
* aparecer como por milagro = come out of + nowhere ; come from + nowhere.
* aparecer de forma inesperada = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer de golpe y porrazo = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer de la nada = come out of + nowhere ; come from + nowhere.
* aparecer de modo inesperado = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer de sopetón = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer en abundancia = come out of + the woodwork.
* aparecer en el horizonte = appear in + the horizon.
* aparecer en escena = hit + the scene.
* aparecer en gran número = pour in/into.
* aparecer en la lejanía = loom.
* aparecer en publicación = come out.
* aparecer impreso = appear + in print.
* aparecer inesperadamente = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer juntos = stand + together.
* aparecer por la curva = come (a)round.
* aparecer por la esquina = come (a)round.
* aparecer por primera vez = premiere.
* aparecer por sí solo = stand on + Posesivo + own.
* aparecer repentinamente = spring up.
* aparecerse la virgen = land on + Posesivo + (own two) feet ; strike + lucky ; strike + gold ; hit + the jackpot ; fall on + Posesivo + feet.
* aparecer sin avisar = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer sin esperarlo = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer sin venir a cuento = come out of + the (clear) blue (sky) ; appear out of + the (clear) blue (sky).
* aparecer solo = stand + alone.
* aparecer tarde = be a late arrival on the scene ; be late on the scene.
* aparecer y desaparecer = come and go.
* hacer aparecer = cause + display of.
* hacer aparecer enfocando = fade in.
* hacer aparecer mediante un fundido = fade in.
* idea + aparecer = idea + surface.
* los otros con los que aparece(n) = neighbours [neighbors, -USA].
* no aparecer = be not included.
* principio de archívese según aparece = file-as-is principle.
* que no aparece en primer lugar = nonfirst [non-first].
* sistema en el que el documento aparece representado en un único lugar del ín = one-place system.
* tal y como aparece = as it/they stand(s).
* volver a aparecer = resurface.

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