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hardly, scarcely, barely; only, solely (Mexico)
grieve; distress; embarrass; pain

barely, hardly, only just, scarcely


= hardly ; rarely ; scarcely ; barely ; by the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; seldom ; scantily.
Ex: It is hardly fair to assess the BM code by modern standards for catalogue codes, but there are obvious areas in which it would now be regarded as lacking.
Ex: An unsought term is one which a user would rarely, if ever, think of consulting in the A/Z index when formulating his request for information about a particular subject.
Ex: The machine is indeed capable of providing very rapid access based on combinations of data elements; combinations which a human could scarcely keep in mind while reviewing entries in a static, manual file.
Ex: There are fewer women library directors now than in 1964, and in all types of employment women earn barely more than half the earnings of men.
Ex: The middle class holds on by the skin of its teeth, saved from a real downward slide only by record increases in the number of dual-income families.
Ex: It can be indexed by the all access-point files in the system catalog, but it is seldom necessary to have more than name, title, and subject indexes.
Ex: Imagine that you are sitting in a rocking-chair near the fireplace, and the room is scantily lit only by the burning firewood.
* apenas casi ninguno = barely any ; barely any.
* apenas cuatro gatos = hardly anybody ; scarcely anybody ; hardly anyone ; scarcely anyone ; hardly a soul ; only a handful of people.
* apenas cuatro pelagatos = hardly anybody ; scarcely anybody ; hardly anyone ; scarcely anyone ; hardly a soul ; only a handful of people.
* apenas + Participio = sketchily + Participio.
* apenas visible = faint .
* en apenas nada = in no time at all ; in next to no time ; in no time.
* ganar a Alguien sin apenas hacer ningún esfuerzo = beat + Nombre + hands down ; win + hands down.
* permitir apenas = leave + little room for.
* sin apenas ser oído = as quiet as a mouse.
(v.) = distress ; pain.
Ex: What distressed him most was his being so short; he did not mind so much his ' hideous' face, as being so short.
Ex: She was quite a bit younger than her husband and it pained her a great deal that they did not have children.
* apenarse = grieve.

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