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applied; studious, attentive; obsequious
apply, put on; enforce; administer; attach
apply; buckle down to




(adj.) = studious ; industrious ; assiduous ; conscientious.
Ex: His face wore a look of studious concentration.
Ex: The article 'Books made to order: libraries as publishers' reviews the practice of publishing as an activity for industrious smaller libraries.
Ex: The management of a large number of digital images requires assiduous attention to all stages of production.
Ex: Then the conscientious manager can help solve his problems without engaging in original laborious research or the risky practice of trial and error.
* alumno no aplicado = underachiever.
(adj.) = practical.
Ex: Yet, in its own way, the press was taking the lead in putting pressure on the Community to adopt a more practical outlook, and by so doing kept the subject alive in the minds of the public.
* artes aplicadas = applied arts.
* ciencia aplicada = applied science.
* física aplicada = applied physics.
* investigación aplicada = action research.
* tecnología aplicada = enabling technology.
(v.) = pursue ; bring to + bear.
Ex: All effective indexes must have some common facets if only because the audience does not alter merely because the indexer chooses to pursue certain indexing practices.
Ex: For such a task the librarian is particularly well fitted by his professional education: bringing to bear the great analytical power of classification should be second nature to him.
* aplicar con brocha = brush.
* aplicar de forma general = widely applied.
* aplicar de nuevo = reapply.
* aplicar el máximo castigo a Alguien = throw + the book at.
* aplicar indiscriminadamente = apply across + the board.
* aplicar la inteligencia a = apply + intellect to.
* aplicar mal = misapply.
* aplicar por extensión = extend.
* aplicarse = apply ; pull + (a/Posesivo) finger out.
* aplicársele el cuento a Alguien = cap + fit.
* aplicarse también = hold + good.
* aplicar una capa base = prime.
* aplicar una capa de imprimación = prime.
* aplicar una mano de creosota = creosote.
* aplicar una normativa = apply + regulations.
* aplicar un tratamiento equivocado = mistreat.
* aplicar un tratamiento erróneo = mistreat.
* lo mismo se aplica a = the same is true (for/of/with).
* volver a aplicar = reapply.

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