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nickname; appellation; byword
apod, lacking legs, lacking fins
dub; nickname; label

nickname, sobriquet


(n.) = monicker [moniker] ; sobriquet [soubriquet] ; nickname ; agnomen.
Ex: Those are, as I said in another context, monickers that were laid on them by ignorant and, I would say, mean-minded authors for their own purposes.
Ex: Typically, the subelements will fall within the following categories: forename, patronymic, family name, sobriquet, and dynastic name.
Ex: The name to be chosen for the author must be, by rule 40, 'the name by which he is commonly identified, whether it is his real name, or an assumed name, nickname, title of nobility, or other appellation'.
Ex: The article is entitled 'His Occupational Agnomen'.
(v.) = nickname ; dub ; monicker [moniker].
Ex: The physical dimensions of novels then tended to increase, and during the 1820s a standard form of three substantial volumes -- the three-decker as it was later nicknamed -- became established, and dominated the production of English fiction in book form from the 1830s to the 1880s.
Ex: Carlyle Systems Inc has recently issued version 2.1 of their cataloguing input/edit module, dubbed CATIE.
Ex: For us not to be monickered as a backward society we should go with the flow -- in this age of globalization it is proper to communicate in the language understood by most.

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