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(v.) = bring ; inject ; plug into ; chime in with ; kick in ; bring in ; bring + Nombre + to the table.
Ex: Subject experts may bring a more informed and critical eye to document analysis.
Ex: The abstractor injects his opinion and analysis.
Ex: In addition, when the heuristic approach is plugged into this interchange, the many additional facets of human personality and experience transform the exchange.
Ex: Thanks for chiming in with a wonderful explanation.
Ex: Everyone kicked in twenty bucks each and the winning team got to donate it to the charity of their choice.
Ex: Please print this form, fill it out, and bring it in or send it to us.
Ex: The Army Reserve's citizen-soldiers bring many skills to the table.
* aportar a = make + contribution to(wards).
* aportar beneficios = lead to + benefits ; bring + benefits ; bring + benefits.
* aportar ideas = contribute + ideas ; brainstorm.
* aportar materia prima para = provide + grist for + Posesivo + mill.
* aportar sugerencias = contribute + suggestions.
* aportar ventajas = bring + strengths.

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