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approved, confirmed
pass mark, minimum grade required in order to successfully complete a course
approve, agree; endorse; approbate; pass; gown; underwrite; fall in
go through


(n.) = pass.
Ex: Weekly quizzes are graded on a pass/fail basis, and they are worth 20% of your grade.
* aprobado por la FDA = FDA-approved.
* número de aprobados = pass rate.
* porcentaje de aprobados = pass rate.
* ser aprobado = get + the thumbs up.
(v.) = approve ; sanction ; subscribe (to) ; condone ; pass ; give + Nombre + the thumbs up ; give + Nombre + the nod ; give + Nombre + the green light.
Ex: The draft was approved by the sponsoring Sections in December 1983 and proofreading and preparation of the camera-ready copy were completed by September 1984.
Ex: Accounting for his departures from Panizzi's rules, Jewett explained that some of them 'conform more to rules advocated by Mr. Panizzi than to those finally sanctioned by the Trustees of the Museum'.
Ex: As regards abbreviations, and the extent to which they are used, most citation standards subscribe to the use of abbreviations.
Ex: Writers and publishers go to great lengths to avoid the appearance of supporting or condoning homosexuality.
Ex: She could cope with the disappointment of not passing, but what I am not sure of is how much the dance examiner will mark her down for having bowed legs.
Ex: Ultimately these guys are professionals and can tell you whether the property as a whole should be given the thumbs up or down.
Ex: A project to set up a network of monitoring stations is on the verge of being approved by the EU, though individual member states (which will have to cough up most of the money) have yet to give it the nod.
Ex: If the banks win then this gives them the green light to charge whatever they want.
* aprobar con los ojos cerrados = sail through + exam.
* aprobar legislación = pass + legislation.
* aprobar por asentimiento = approve by + assent.
* aprobar por moción = pass by + motion.
* aprobar sin dificultad = sail through + exam.
* aprobar una ley = pass + law ; pass + legislation ; pass + bill.
* aprobar una moción = pass + resolution ; adopt + a resolution ; approve + resolution ; pass + motion.
* aprobar una propuesta = pass + proposal ; pass + proposition.
* aprobar un examen = pass + examination ; pass + an exam.
* desaprobar = frown on/upon.
* legislación + aprobar = legislation + go through.

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