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guess, approximation
approximate; rough; loose; proximate

(adj.) = rough ; approximate.
Ex: Before printing, the cards from all the sets in current batch of cards are sorted by department in rough alphabetic sequence.
Ex: A fount of type was a set of letters and other symbols in which each was supplied in approximate proportion to its frequency of use, all being of one body-size and design.
* cálculo aproximado = ballpark estimate.
* cantidad aproximada = ballpark figure ; ballpark estimate ; ballpark number.
* cifra aproximada = ballpark figure ; ballpark estimate ; ballpark number.
* estimación aproximada = ballpark figure ; ballpark estimate.
* idea aproximada = rough idea.
* número aproximado = ballpark number.
(v.) = approximate.
Ex: This is a proposal for a directive to approximate the laws relating to guarantees and indemnities.
* aproximarse = near ; lie + ahead ; get + closer ; be just in the ballpark ; roll in ; draw up + closer ; draw + near.
* aproximarse (a) = edge (toward(s)).
* aproximarse sigilosamente = pad toward.
* que se aproxima = oncoming [on-coming].

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