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on the order of, approximately
approximately, roughly; loosely; about; around, thereabouts

approximately about, approximately


= approximately ; loosely ; more or less ; or so ; something like ; or thereabouts ; Número + odd ; round about ; roughly speaking ; ballpark.
Nota: Generalmente precedido de una cantidad.
Ex: The space in the scheme for a discipline should be approximately proportional to the size of the literature of that discipline.
Ex: The term category has been at times used somewhat loosely in the literature of indexing and, for this reason, it can cause confusion.
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS stores library files that contain more or less the same information found in manual files in libraries everywhere.
Ex: For example, in a normal indexing service all the documents listed in the issue for a specific month will have been published in the last year or so.
Ex: First, Sholom Aleichem I recently spent something like twenty minutes talking over the telephone with a suitably irate and properly frustrated borrower.
Ex: The other plan would be to close the catalog and begin a new one in 1980 or thereabouts.
Ex: The thirty-odd books went to the infants.
Ex: Estimates of the books currently in print in Britain usually give a number of round about a quarter of a million titles.
Ex: Roughly speaking one-third of book publishers publish only one new book each every six months.
Ex: In hindsight about 350k dollars (ballpark) turned out to be the magic number.
* aproximadamente + Cantidad = about + Cantidad.
* aproximadamente + Fecha/Número = ca. + Fecha/Número.
* cuarenta aproximadamente = fortyish.
* ser aproximadamente + Número = be around + Número ; be about + Número.
* treinta aproximadamente = thirtyish.

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