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root up, pull up; extract, draw out; blow away; speed up; tear off

it started up

(v.) = rip off ; wrench ; pluck up ; rip + open ; pluck out ; strip off ; winkle out ; pull up ; rip ; tear out ; rip + apart ; pluck ; get it + started.
Ex: Within the social sciences psychology journals are the most ripped off.
Ex: The first thing that's worrying me is that things are getting wrenched out of context.
Ex: The article is entitled 'To everything there is a season...a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted: a life-cycle analysis of education for librarianship'.
Ex: The tidal wave ripped open the steel security shutters of the shops.
Ex: According to a myth about the phases of the moon, the wicked god Seth plucked out the eye of Horus and tore it to bits = Según un mito sobre las fases lunares, el malvado dios Seth le arrancó el ojo a Horus y lo rompió en pedazos.
Ex: They gathered a whole sackful, stripped off the husks, and filled the sack again.
Ex: Small business operators can be easy prey for scamsters trying to winkle out money for unsolicited - and unneeded - 'services'.
Ex: Hundreds of pounds worth of damage was caused when youths pulled up and smashed two floodlights and kicked roof tiles from the chapel of rest.
Ex: He punched her in the head and forced her to another room where he pinned her to the floor and ripped her shirt trying to remove it.
Ex: In all cases the suture was torn out of the central part of the meniscus.
Ex: An 18-month-old girl was 'ripped apart like a doll' by a dog in a horrific attack at a family home, witnesses have disclosed.
Ex: It could also be that for some strange reason you decided to pluck them.
Ex: It's not a place that I would stay at all night, but a good place to get it started on a bar hop.
* abrir arrancando = rip + open.
* arrancar a la fuerza = prise + Nombre + away.
* arrancar con los dientes = bite off.
* arrancar de = wretch from ; winkle + Nombre + out of.
* arrancar de cuajo = tear out ; tear + Nombre + out by the roots ; pluck + Nombre + out by the root ; wrench off.
* arrancar de raíz = tear out ; tear + Nombre + out by the roots ; pluck + Nombre + out by the root.
* arrancar de un mordisco = bite off.
* arrancar el corazón = tear out + Posesivo + heart.
* arrancar el cuero cabelludo a Alguien = scalp.
* arrancar el pelo = tear + Posesivo + hair out ; pluck + Posesivo + hair.
* arrancar haciendo palanca = pry.
* arrancar la cabellera a Alguien = scalp.
* arrancar la cabeza de un bocado = bite + Posesivo + head off.
* arrancar la mano de un bocado = bite + Posesivo + hand off.
* arrancar la nariz de un bocado = bite + Posesivo + nose off.
* arrancar la verdad = winkle + the truth out.
* arrancar + Nombre + de = wring + Nombre + out of/from.
* arrancarse el pelo = tear + Posesivo + hair out.
* arrancarse el pelo a manojos = tear + Posesivo + hair out.
* arrancar una página = tear out + page.
* arrancar una promesa = extort + a promise.
(v.) = boot ; boot up ; crank up ; start up ; turn over ; fire up.
Ex: In computer science to boot means to start up a computer system.
Ex: Since then, the computer has started to make a whirring noise everytime it is booted up.
Ex: As the sun begins to move toward the horizon, you want to crank up the engine again and head back home.
Ex: Suprisingly, Windows had no boot issues at all, it started up without a glitch.
Ex: In this video I show you guys how to push-start your bike if it has a low battery or for some reason it just doesn't want to turn over.
Ex: I found it a tad strange at first, but the engine fires up quickly and quietly with a dab on the throttle and I soon got used to it.
* al arrancar = at startup.
* arrancar a racha = push-start.
* arrancar con cables = jump-start [jumpstart].
* arrancar de nuevo = reboot.
* arrancar empujando = push-start.
* arrancar + Sistema Operativo = start + Sistema Operativo.

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