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repentant, penitent; regretful, sorry; contrite, rueful
repent, be sorry

repentant, remorseful


(n.) = penitent.
Ex: God offers penitents redemption but also bestows His 'common grace' on all.
(adj.) = apologetic ; contrite ; remorseful ; repentant ; reformed.
Ex: This is highly embarrassing for the innocent reader and for the apologetic library staff.
Ex: The novel is about a contrite sinner who finds penitence through a 'cunning' that is theatrical.
Ex: All officers were remorseful about taking a life but all would make the same decision again if necessary.
Ex: Whatever their beliefs, artists who depicted the return of the prodigal son presented the message that God is merciful and willing to forgive repentant sinners.
Ex: The novel is about a reformed criminal trying to leave his past behind him, even though he got away with murder.
* con tono arrepentido = contritely.

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