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arrogance, pride, haughtiness, superciliousness



(n.) = arrogance ; hubris ; boastfulness ; snobbery ; haughtiness ; superciliousness ; chest-beating ; conceit ; self-conceit ; pretension ; condescension.
Ex: That is a kind of, I would submit, bibliothecal arrogance on our part, a kind of intellectual elitism, if you will.
Ex: The conference underscored the hubris behind the 'bigger is better' logic ALA has apparently embraced.
Ex: For all their nationalistic boastfulness, the Spanish economy remained largely dependent on foreigners.
Ex: Do we really need a book to tell us what snobbery is and how it infects all the nooks and crannies of society?.
Ex: Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.
Ex: Whatever it is, humans are filled with superciliousness.
Ex: It's really sad, when the primal chest-beating of leaders is what wins out and leads to unneccessary war and invasion.
Ex: It's been hard to stomach the fool, with his conceit and his whining.
Ex: Man's self-conceit and love of power are the cause of most of his troubles, sins and vices.
Ex: He'd been popular earlier on but was now on thin ice with most members of our class due to his pretension and uppity manner.
Ex: The inherent condescension of this passage will probably cause much grinding of the teeth of the county library staff members present at the meeting.
* andar con arrogancia = swagger ; strut ; strut + Posesivo + stuff.
* con arrogancia = superciliously ; haughtily ; condescendingly ; patronisingly [patronizingly, -USA].
* tratar con arrogancia = condescend.

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