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stream, brook, creek




(n.) = creek ; brook ; stream ; rivulet.
Ex: The writer muses on a little creek that winds by his apartment commenting on how the creek's environment has changed = El escritor reflexiona sobre un pequeño arroyo que serpentea junto a su apartamento comentando cómo ha cambiado su entorno.
Ex: A ferryman in a traditional costume will pole the skiff through a seemingly endless labyrinth of brooks, rivers and canals which earned the land the name of Venice of the North.
Ex: The library will be open to the public and will cover all subjects concerning the various aspects of lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries and wetlands.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Canyons, rivulets: scientists give first impression of Titan photos'.
* arroyo + crecer = stream + swell.
* arroyo murmurante = babbling brook.
* arroyo + secarse = brook + dry up.
* trucha de arroyo = brook trout.

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