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desolate; destroyed; dilapidated; bankrupt; broken
ruin, destroy, demolish; spoil, break; murder; bankrupt; mess up
decay, deteriorate; spoil, damage

dilapidates, scuttles


(adj.) = in chapter 11 ; broke ; skint ; penniless ; down-and-out ; out-at-(the)-elbows.
Ex: And we all know that both U.S. Airways and United Airlines are in 'Chapter 11,' with other major airlines not far behind.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Tough luck: To be a professional sport climber in America probably means you're broke, fed up and still no match for the foreign competition'.
Ex: How does it feel to be skint in a world that seems to be obsessed with money and riches?.
Ex: Now he lives penniless near a beautiful lake surrounded by rainforest and teeming with waterfowl.
Ex: The story is based on an overheard conversation between a well-meaning librarian and a down-and-out old man seeking validation for his unpublished poetry.
Ex: Nature meant him for a slipshod, shambling Bohemian -- happy, out-at-the-elbows, always in debt, always irresponsible, and always pursued by duns and bailiffs.
(adj.) = devastated.
Ex: The most devastated countries have seen almost no debt relief, and most of the bank's aid has come in the form of loans, not grants.
(v.) = ruin ; scupper ; bankrupt ; cast + a blight on ; put + Nombre + out of business ; go out + the window ; bring + ruin to ; mangle ; wreck ; fudge ; run down ; blight ; beggar ; put + a damper on ; make + a (real) mess.
Ex: Besides, winding up in an exclusive arrangement with a distributor that has rotten customer service ruins any advantage.
Ex: This arrangement could definitely help solve the librarian's problems, unless unexpected events scupper it.
Ex: As a writer on the publishing of scholarly books in the USA once put it, 'A book that would bankrupt a scholarly publisher does not fall within the proper domain of scholarly publishing'.
Ex: Rampant commercialisation of publishing is casting a blight on literature.
Ex: The author discusses whether it is possible for the scholarly community to take over scholarly publishing altogether and put greedy publishers out of business.
Ex: The lack of centralisation means that good management goes out the window and everything gets sloppier.
Ex: He was portrayed as a warmonger who had brought ruin to the state.
Ex: In places the waters had swept container lorries loaded with goods yards off the road where they now lay twisted and mangled and almost unrecognizable as vehicles.
Ex: They had made a secret deal with Otto Reich to wreck Cuba's economy.
Ex: This adaptation of David Leavitt's novel wobbles between comedy and melodrama, ultimately fudging the novel's spiky empathy.
Ex: It really is time we stopped kow-towing to every Tom, Dick and Harry who runs down our industry.
Ex: The global outbreak of swine flu has spread fear through the travel sector, blighting any green shoots of recovery from the financial crisis.
Ex: But other military officers conceded a war would serve little purpose other than to beggar the two already impoverished nations.
Ex: Heavy and gusty storms will put a damper on the end of the weekend in parts of Texas.
Ex: I made a mess out of my life because I cheated on my current ex boyfriend with my current boyfriend then I cheated on my boyfriend.
* arruinar la oportunidad de = ruin + Posesivo + chances of ; blow + Posesivo + chances of.
* arruinarlo = crap it up.
* arruinar los planes de Alguien = spike + Posesivo + guns.
* arruinar + Posesivo + imagen = ruin + Posesivo + style ; cramp + Posesivo + style.
* arruinar + Posesivo + planes = shut + the door on.
* arruinar + Posesivo + vida = ruin + Posesivo + life.
* arruinarse = go + bankrupt ; go + broke ; go to + rack and ruin ; go + bust ; go to + ruin ; go to + pot ; fall (in)to + ruin(s).

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