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roast, roasted

(adj.) = roasted.
Ex: The plant produces canned beans, glace fruit, maraschino cherries, roasted peppers, etc., comprising a total 50 products.
* asado a la parrilla = grilled.
* patata asada = baked potato.
(v.) = roast.
Ex: This method requires no basting because the turkey roasts covered, sealing in juices for extremely tender meat.
* asar a la brasa = grill ; broil.
* asar a la parrilla = grill ; broil.
* asar a la plancha = griddle.
* asar alimentos virtiendo sobre ellos sus propios jugos = baste.
* asarse de calor = bake ; swelter ; be boiling hot.
* pincho para asar = spit.
* sartén para asar pollos = chicken roaster pan.

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