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secure, ensure; guarantee, warrant; assert; adjust; underwrite; fasten

assure, insure

to assure

(v.) = affirm ; assure ; reassure ; asseverate.
Ex: This move has probably affirmed the future of DC.
Ex: They have some very distinct advantages over more usual indexing techniques, and these are likely to assure citation indexes a place in the information market.
Ex: The student might be reassured to recognize that this type of fundamental analysis of a subject need be conducted only once for each subject entering the indexing system.
Ex: Junctionville is not a 'Cadillac' town, they asseverated.
* asegurar que = vouch + for the fact that.
* asegurarse = be sure ; check to make sure ; make + sure ; make + certain ; be doubly sure.
* te lo aseguro = take it from me.
(v.) = secure ; lock in + place ; brace.
Ex: They are responsible for putting together advertisements, securing proofs, procuring the matrices, electrotypes, and other duplicate plates needed for insertion in publications.
Ex: Most card catalogues are equipped with rods which lock the cards in place and prevent unauthorized removal of entries.
Ex: The cheeks were braced from their tops to the ceiling, to prevent the press from twisting or shifting about in use.
* asegurar el éxito = ensure + success.
(v.) = ensure [insure, -USA].
Ex: The acquisition policy's purpose is to ensure that the library has the right sort of material for its particular needs, and in the right quantities.
* asegurarse contra = self-insure for.
* volver a asegurar = reinsure.
(v.) = be sure ; check to make sure ; make + sure ; make + certain ; be doubly sure.
Ex: Inconsistencies are mostly merely annoying, although it can be difficult to be sure whether a group of citations which look similar all relate to the same document. Ex: The system checks to make sure that no orders for the vendor are in the file and then displays a screen summarizing the vendor to be deleted. Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS first checks the borrower's number to make sure that it is in the files and is valid. Ex: If events take an unfortunate turn and a dismissal action must be initiated, the supervisor must make certain that the applicable personnel rules and procedures have been followed. Ex: Nothing unusual was felt in the breast exam but she sent me for an ultrasound - just to be doubly sure.

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