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= advising ; guidance ; advice ; counsel ; advice-giving ; advisement ; counselling [counseling, -USA].
Ex: CACs have dealt with pre-shopping advice, education on consumers' rights and complaints about goods and services, advising the client and often obtaining expert assessments.
Ex: The command function 'HELP' is used to obtain guidance online when in difficulty.
Ex: A large part of the work of information and advice has been the interpretation of people's eligibility for welfare benefits and other social services.
Ex: Of course, this is on the outer fringes of reference work as such, but librarians should at least be aware that people frequently find counsel and support and encouragement more effective than the supply of specific information to help solve their problems.
Ex: Many librarians even regard advice-giving as not part of their function, on the grounds that they do not have the time, the training or the protection (against giving wrong advice).
Ex: This article evaluates various academic advisement systems for distance education students and presents conclusions and recommendations.
Ex: If you do this, the system ANDs together the results of query 1, 'juvenile delinquent', and the new term, 'counseling'.
* asesoramiento antes de la compra = pre-shopping advice.
* asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice.
* asesoramiento legal = legal advice ; legal aid.
* asesoramiento matrimonial = marriage counseling.
* asesoramiento prematrimonial = premarital counseling.
* asesoramiento profesional = career(s) advice.
* asesoramiento sobre la lectura = reading guidance.
* asesoramiento técnico = technical advice.
* bajo el asesoramiento de = on the advice of.
* buscar asesoramiento = ask for + advice.
* centro de asesoramiento = counselling centre.
* Comité Nacional de Asesoramiento (NACO) = National Advisory Committee (NACO).
* de asesoramiento = consultative.
* ofrecer asesoramiento = offer + advice ; offer + guidance ; dispense + advice.
* persona que recibe asesoramiento = counselee.
* proporcionar asesoramiento = dispense + advice.
* Sección de Garantía del Asesoramiento Agrícola y del Fondo de Garantía Europ = Guarantee Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF).
* servicio de asesoramiento = consulting service ; counselling service ; advisory service.
* servicio de asesoramiento jurídico = legal aid service.
* sesión de asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice surgery.
* sesión de asesoramiento legal = legal advice surgery.
* solicitar asesoramiento = ask for + advice.
* taller de asesoramiento jurídico = legal advice surgery.

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