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seize, take forcibly; grasp, hold
attend; assist, aid; nurse, treat; witness; hear

you attended

(v.) = grip ; take + hold of.
Ex: The entrance door should be automatic or with a handle easy to grip.
Ex: They waited with baneful patience, ready to take hold of him the moment he relaxed his vigilance.
* asirse = seize on/upon ; clutch.
* asirse a = latch on to.
(v.) = attend ; assist ; be present.
Ex: He was awarded the bachelor's degree, magna cum laude, from Harvard University, and he attended Rutgers Library School where he graduated first in his class.
Ex: Any project which assists the use of coal and steel would be eligible.
Ex: Class 2, Library Science, is a good illustration of facet analysis in CC as all three facets, Personality, Matter and Energy are present.
* asistir a = attend ; be present at.
* asistir a una clase = attend + a class.
* asistir a una reunión = attend + a meeting.
* asistir a un curso = attend + a course.
* no asistir = stay (well) away from.
(v.) = provide + assistance.
Ex: Its purpose is to provide advice and on-site salvage assistance to those organisations having documentary resources that are damaged in a natural or man-made disaster.

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