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stuff, cram; attack, assail, assault; attach, fasten; tamp
attack, assault; spasm, seizure; onslaught


(n.) = slings and arrows.
Ex: There must be few other ways of leaving oneself so vulnerable to the slings and arrows of outrageous (or outraged) critics. (v.) = attack ; set about ; assail ; make + an attack ; bash ; storm ; assault ; argue against ; mount + an attack ; come under + attack ; go to + bat against ; maul ; hit out (at/against) ; unleash + an attack ; set (up)on.
Ex: Soon afterwards he got up and wanted to attack me again.
Ex: I shall not quickly forget being halted in full flight by the explosive entrance of a lecturer who, without pause for reflection or apology, set about an unfortunate student for not being at a tutorial.
Ex: It's ridiculous to assail people who are making a code for abandoning all the principles which have been going strong for 100 years.
Ex: This has led David Beminghausen in the United States to make the most outspoken attack on those who are trying to influence the role of the American Library Association.
Ex: Newspapers took advantage of the accident to attack or 'bash' the nuclear industry or nuclear power in general.
Ex: On October 6, 1976, an angry mob stormed the university to attack students who seemed to threaten the nation.
Ex: Throughout history the cultural world has been assaulted in various ways which leads to the need for a process of cultural repair.
Ex: Some teachers argue against book clubs, claiming that they bring together only a certain kind of avid reader, the literary equivalent of the religiously effete and over-pious.
Ex: Their aim was to mount a spirited attack on a consumer driven and marketeers' approach to reading and books, and on relativism and populism.
Ex: This bipartite approach has recently come under heavy attack.
Ex: The article has the title 'The minority press goes to bat against segregated baseball'.
Ex: After being mauled by a tiger the two elephants were sedated with hydrochloride for surgical dressing of the wounds.
Ex: She has hit out at rumours that she is a man-eater.
Ex: Sometimes, your enemy will unleash an attack just before daybreak.
Ex: The 53-year-old man had been sleeping rough in a churchyard when he was set upon by three men in a brutal attack which landed him in hospital.
* animal que ataca al hombre = man-eater.
* atacar a = take + a swipe at ; swipe ; lash out at/against/on ; have + a go at ; take + a shot at ; take + a dig at.
* atacar con = urge against.
* atacar con armas nucleares = nuke.
* atacar con bombas incendiarias = firebomb.
* atacar en formación = attack in + formation.
* atacar en grupo = swarm.
* atacar en oleadas = attack in + waves.
* atacar primero = preemptive strike.
* atacar un síntoma = attack + symptom.
(v.) = dig into ; tuck into.
Ex: As I sipped my ice cold water and dug into the salad I had the feeling I was being watched.
Ex: I enjoyed seeing everyone so happy sharing their stories and tucking into the food and drink we laid on for the 40 or so people who had come.
(n.) = attack ; craze ; outbreak ; onslaught ; gust ; assault ; bashing ; burst ; fulmination ; swipe ; pounce ; jab.
Ex: The incentive to make library services more relevant to the community became increasingly urgent from the mid-seventies as the attacks on local government finance gathered momentum.
Ex: The interest is not really in the craze itself but in the intense, socially binding effect it has on the individuals in the group.
Ex: This article describes how a sporadic outbreak of mould in this section of the collection was treated with a special cleaning machine.
Ex: Without language we would go bumping around in the dark and eventually take leave of our senses under the welter of the incomprehensible, withdrawing, as some people do, into a closed world in order to protect ourselves against the unbearable onslaught.
Ex: His sudden gust of audacity was quickly extinguished by her words and by her glance.
Ex: Crimes against the person include homicide, rape, assault and robbery.
Ex: The persistent 'U.S. bashing' that goes on here is, however, imprecise and tiresome after a while.
Ex: Fueled by inspiration, coffee and Benzedrine, Kerouac sat down at his typewriter and -- in one burst of creative energy -- wrote the novel that would make him the voice of his generation in just 20 days.
Ex: Cobbe was the primary target of John Ruskin's well-known fulmination against women who meddle with theology in his book 'Sesame and Lilies'.
Ex: In fact it is an exaltation of the Kyoto protocol and a thinly disguised swipe at those countries who have not signed up.
Ex: Evan readied himself for a fierce pounce on the man who had destroyed his life.
Ex: Obama's quick jabs at Romney are a brief preview of what will come if Romney wins the Republican presidential nomination.
* ataque aéreo = raid ; air raid ; air strike ; blitz ; air attack.
* ataque al corazón = heart attack.
* ataque brutal = vicious attack ; brutal attack.
* ataque con bombas incendiarias = firebombing.
* ataque con mortero = mortar fire.
* ataque contra la seguridad = security attack.
* ataque de ansiedad = panic attack ; anxiety attack.
* ataque de asma = asthma attack.
* ataque de cólera = fit of rage ; fit of anger ; outburst of rage ; blaze of anger ; outburst of anger ; heat of passion.
* ataque de desarticulación = spoiling attack.
* ataque de + Enfermedad = bout of + Enfermedad.
* ataque de furia = fit of rage ; fit of anger ; outburst of anger ; outburst of rage ; blaze of anger ; heat of passion.
* ataque de gripe = bout of flu.
* ataque de histeria = attack of hysterics.
* ataque de ira = blaze of anger ; fit of rage ; fit of anger ; outburst of anger ; outburst of rage ; heat of passion.
* ataque de nervios = nervous breakdown ; attack of hysterics.
* ataque de + Nombre = fit of + Nombre.
* ataque de pánico = panic attack.
* ataque de rabia = outburst of rage.
* ataque de risa = fit of laughter.
* ataque de tos = coughing fit.
* ataque epiléptico = stroke ; epileptic seizure ; epileptic fit.
* ataque epilético = seizure.
* ataque kamikaze = kamikaze attack.
* ataque matutino = dawn raid.
* ataque nuclear = nuclear attack.
* ataque por sorpresa = surprise attack.
* ataque preventivo = preemptive strike.
* ataque relámpago = hit-and-run attack.
* ataques = slings and arrows.
* ataques de = fevers of ; fevers of.
* ataques de cólera = flaming.
* ataque siquiátrico = psychiatric episode.
* ataque sorpresa = surprise attack ; sneak attack.
* ataque suicida = kamikaze attack ; suicide attack.
* ataque suicida con bomba = suicide bomb attack.
* ataque terrorista = terror attack.
* ataque violento = paroxysm.
* ataque virulento = blistering attack.
* ciberataque = cyberattack.
* con un ataque de risa tonta = giggly .
* dar un ataque de nervios = have + an attack of hysterics.
* defenderse de ataques = ward off + attacks.
* el ataque es la mejor defensa = attack is the best form of defence.
* en ataque = offensively.
* liderar el ataque = lead + the charge.
* nuevo ataque = renewed offensive.
* organizar un ataque = mount + an attack.
* preparar un ataque = mount + an attack.
* provocar un ataque = provoke + attack.
* reanudar el ataque = renew + the attack.
* sobrevivir a un ataque = survive + an attack.
* soportar un ataque = suffer + an attack.
* sufrir un ataque = be under attack ; be under assault.
* sufrir un ataque al corazón = suffer from + a heart attack.
* sufrir un ataque de ansiedad = have + an anxiety attack.
* sufrir un ataque epiléptico = suffer from + a stroke.
* tener un ataque de ansiedad = have + an anxiety attack.
* tener un ataque epiléptico = have + a stroke.
* una ola de ataques = a wave of attacks.
* una oleada de ataques = a wave of attacks.
* un ataque de = an access of ; a shock of.

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