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trap, catch; cop



(adj.) = trapped.
Ex: She said she felt like a 'trapped animal' when cornered by photographers in a subway.
* atrapado en = caught up in.
* atrapado por el invierno = winterbound.
* atrapado por la marea = caught in the tide.
* estar atrapado en la rutina = be (stuck) in a rut ; be stuck in a groove.
* quedar atrapado = get + caught ; get + trapped ; become + trapped.
* tener atrapado = grip.
(v.) = lock ; trap ; catch ; tether ; entrap ; ensnare ; hunt down ; snare ; bust ; nail ; nab ; collar.
Ex: If the analogy with the fairy story is taken a little further it can be noted that no author really believes in dragons, wicked queens, fair maidens locked in high towers and the like.
Ex: If the borrower being processed has been set to be trapped, DOBIS/LIBIS displays the message: 'You have trapped a borrower'.
Ex: 'And of course,' said the director, brightening as his idea gave birth to another one in her mind, 'it will be interesting to know how efficient electronic systems are at catching thieves'.
Ex: The book reached the limits of its potential as an information carrier long ago and libraries unfortunately allowed themselves to become tethered by those limitations.
Ex: Librarians have been known to devote time to entrap and arrest individuals who use the library toilets for sexual purposes = Hay casos de bibliotecarios que han dedicado tiempo a atrapar y detener a individuos que utilizan los servicios de la biblioteca con fines sexuales .
Ex: The novel has many trappings that will ensnare the average reader but skulking at the bottom of its well of intrigue is a timeless terror more attuned to the mature sensibilities of an adult audience.
Ex: Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
Ex: In fact, the Indians had been snaring animals long before the white man came to North America.
Ex: On Saturday, a trooper stood on a street corner dressed in plain clothes and helped bust 30 people for not wearing their seat belts.
Ex: I will wait until the water recedes a little bit before I try and nail lots of these buggers.
Ex: So over the weekend I managed to nab 30 of them using a butterfly net, and then crushed each using my boot.
Ex: He had one foot over the window sill of his Paris flat when police broke in and collared him.
* atrapado en = enmeshed in.
* atrapar con red = net.
* atrapar contra = pin + Nombre + against.

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