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delay; slowdown; backwardness; leeway
slow down; hold up, set back


(v.) = delay ; hold up ; hold + Nombre + back ; retard.
Ex: It would be wise to delay reading these until you have had some experience in using the scheme.
Ex: Unfortunately, goods of Community origin can also be held up by the surveillance system, often for several weeks.
Ex: Despite the improvements in the 17th edition, the scheme has been held back for years by the old policy of 'integrity of numbers' referred to above, the effects of which are not likely to be quickly mitigated.
Ex: Without the floppy disk, data processing on microcomputers would have been severely retarded.
* atrasarse = run + late ; be late (for).
* en la primavera los relojes se adelantan y en el otoño se atrasan = spring forward and fall backwards.
(n.) = backlog ; arrearage ; delay.
Ex: When the move took place in 1897, it was found that there was a backlog of some thirty years of uncatalogued and unbound material.
Ex: To determine if arrearages of uncatalogued monographs still exist and to learn about methods of controlling and/or reducing any such arrears, a questionnaire was sent to 117 libraries.
Ex: If there are excessive delays in the record becoming available, and long delays become a common phenomenon, the librarian who is anxious to make new stock available for the user as soon as possible will resort to local cataloguing.
* acumular atrasos = build up + backlogs.
* atrasos = arrears.
* ponerse al día de un atraso = clear + backlog.
* sin atrasos = paid-up ; in good standing.
* tener atrasos = be in arrears.
(n.) = backwardness ; retrogression.
Ex: Libraries in developing countries suffer from technological backwardness.
Ex: Some of the proposals brought forth in this connection represent not technological progress but rather ideological retrogression.

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