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bold, daring; audacious, insolent


(adj.) = brave ; presumptuous ; adventurous ; cheeky ; risqué ; bawdy ; fearless ; impudent ; bold ; pert ; audacious ; buccaneering ; forward.
Ex: It would be a brave man who would predict that such a process will always remain clumsy, slow and faulty in detail.
Ex: Many feel that it is presumptuous to think that a 150- to 250-word abstract can carry enough information from a well-written 3,000-word paper to be of much use except as a guide.
Ex: Many say the role of consumer advice centres as being simply mediators between the consumer and the retailer/manufacturer; only a few adventurous authorities encouraged the aggressive championing of consumer complaints.
Ex: The young man in the picture is myself snapped twenty-five years or so ago by a cheeky thirteen-year-old during the first few months of my first teaching job.
Ex: However, some of the central premises of the film are flawed, and the risqué touches, whether racial or erotic innuendo, are primarily there to titillate and make the film seem hot and controversial.
Ex: Their secondary aim was to print piratical, scurrilous and bawdy material for the people of Dublin.
Ex: He describes the decoration of the tombs, explaining that this artwork is a fearless thumbing of the nose at death itself.
Ex: The Library Association is impudent in suggesting that it will impose sanctions on those who fail to keep abreast of developments in librarianship.
Ex: 'Would it be bold of me to ask,' she said hesitantly, 'why is the Medical Center library virtually an autonomous unit?'.
Ex: He lingered round the bookstall looking at the books and papers till a pert girl behind the counter asked him if he wouldn't like a chair.
Ex: One of Belgium's most dangerous criminals, who staged an audacious jailbreak on a hijacked helicopter, has been tracked down to Morocco.
Ex: But whatever we make of their buccaneering spirit, the apostolic passion firing their hearts is surely beyond contention.
Ex: Luckily the girl didn't seem affronted by Christina forward attitude, but rather was very friendly about the whole thing.
* ignorancia es muy atrevida, la = ignorance is very daring.
* persona atrevida = risk taker.
* ser atrevido = make + a bold statement.

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