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accident; outrage; disregard

(n.) = madcap antics.
Ex: His madcap antics began 10 days ago when he went for a quick slash behind an advertising hoard. (n.) = act of vandalism ; act of hooliganism ; act of thuggery ; loutish act.
Ex: The mayor said the move was necessary due to a rash of break-ins and acts of vandalism in the town.
Ex: Since September when schools reopened for the new academic year, there have been several serious acts of hooliganism.
Ex: It was an act of thuggery and stupidity and I have not one ounce of sympathy for him.
Ex: The worst thing is that this culture contributes to irresponsible sexual behaviour, loutish acts, drunk driving and people becoming alcoholics.
* atropellos = madcap antics.
* conductor que se da a la fuga tras causar un accidente o atropello = hit-and-run driver.

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