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augmentation, growth, increase; addition, supplement; upturn, upward trend
increase, enlarge, add to, augment; multiply; raise, heighten, intensify


increase it increased

(n.) = boost ; build-up [buildup] ; extension ; growth ; increase ; rise ; tide ; expansion ; deepening ; augmentation ; increase in numbers ; growth in number ; surge ; upswing ; widening ; waxing ; enlargement ; heightening.
Ex: Consequently, Leforte came to expect -- perhaps even take for granted -- the periodic boosts of ego and income that the evaluations provided.
Ex: No problem usually with terminals and micros but there could be an undesirable temperature build-up in confined areas.
Ex: These can be seen as extensions of the supportive role provided by Neighbourhood Advice Centres to community groups.
Ex: This document contains information on such concepts as settlement, urban growth, field patterns, forest clearance and many others.
Ex: The term you have chosen indicates an increase in specificity, since it is one of the members of the group described by the basic term.
Ex: The rapid rise of computer literacy in the world has led to a demand for the easy availability of many kinds of information.
Ex: What has happened is that yet another institution has so overlapped with our own that we are being swept along on the tide of the technological revolution.
Ex: This is not a simple general expansion of a description but an increasing emphasis upon aspects of the book.
Ex: There is a categorical moral imperative for a deepening and a renewal of the concept of collegiality -- that is a blend of intense competition and mutual support -- in relations between research scholars and research librarians.
Ex: If the budget will not permit staff augmentation, then the reference librarian must help the department head to make the most of available resources.
Ex: The present increase in numbers of overseas students in Australia tertiary institutions has implications for libraries.
Ex: The growth in number of national, regional and international agricultural organisations has resulted in a vast output of scientific and technical literature, issued in a wide variety of forms.
Ex: The Internet is also creating a new surge of interest in information in all forms, and a revitalized interest in reading.
Ex: The author discusses the current upswing in paperback sales of children's books in the USA and the slump in hardback sales.
Ex: Despite growth in export volume in recent years, there has been a widening of the national current account deficit from 8.8% to over 20%.
Ex: This waning of one discipline and waxing of another represents the fundamental incommensurability, yet mutual dependence, of existing disciplinary categories of knowledge.
Ex: This enlargement of interests forms the basis of the claim to provide an information education appropriate to other than library-type environments.
Ex: The arts can serve the heightening of our sensibilities to the theological dimensions of cultural movements.
* aumento acelerado = spurt.
* aumento acusado = sharp increase.
* aumento asociado a la inflación = inflation-adjusted.
* aumento de = increased.
* aumento de cantidad = increase in quantity.
* aumento de costes = increased costs ; cost increase.
* aumento de la demanda = increase in (the) demand ; increased demand.
* aumento de la producción = increased production.
* aumento de las diferencias entre ... y = widening gap between ... and ; widening of the gap beween .... and.
* aumento del conocimiento = knowledge building.
* aumento de los impuestos = tax increase.
* aumento del uso = increased use.
* aumento de pecho = breast augmentation ; breast enlargement.
* aumento de peso = weight gain.
* aumento de precios = price increase ; increased price.
* aumento de tamaño = increase in size.
* aumento en espesor = thickening.
* aumento exponencial = exponential increase ; exponential growth.
* aumento notable = rising tide.
* aumento repentino = upsurge.
* aumento salarial = salary increase ; pay rise ; salary rise.
* aumento salarial por méritos = merit salary increase.
* aumento transitorio de tensión = surge.
* aumento vertiginoso = explosion ; spiralling [spiraling, -USA] ; exponential increase ; exponential growth.
* conceder aumento salarial = award + salary increase.
* en aumento = burgeoning ; increasing ; mounting ; rising ; on the rise ; growing ; heightening.
* en aumento gradual = gradually quickening.
* en continuo aumento = ever-increasing.
* espejo de aumento = magnifying mirror.
* experimentar un aumento = experience + rise.
* experimentar un aumento vertiginoso = experience + explosion.
* gran aumento = heavy increase.
* ir en aumento = be on the increase.
* lector de aumento = magnifying reader.
* lente de aumento = magnifying glass ; magnifier ; hand lens.
* mamoplastía de aumento = augmentation mammoplasty.
* ritmo de aumento = rate of increase.
* tasa de aumento = growth rate ; rate of growth ; rate of increase.
(v.) = accelerate ; augment ; become + large ; enhance ; enlarge ; escalate ; expand ; grow + larger ; increase ; raise ; rise ; strengthen ; accentuate ; grow ; add to ; deepen ; mushroom ; intensify ; wax ; swell ; pump up ; bump up ; step up ; spike ; crank up ; ramp up ; move it up + a gear ; notch it up + a gear ; take it up + a gear ; take it up + a notch ; crank it up + a notch ; crank it up + a gear ; move it up + a notch ; ratchet up ; amp up ; turn up ; gap up ; jump ; get + big(er) ; jack up.
Ex: In recent years, the pace of change has accelerated with the introduction of on-line information retrieval.
Ex: These sources which form the basis of the intellectual selection of terms may be augmented by the machine selection of terms.
Ex: If the number of categories becomes large, cross-references will be necessary between individual files.
Ex: An introduction explaining the nature and scope of the indexing language will enhance its value.
Ex: Here entry is made under the original author of an edition that has been revised, enlarged, updated, condensed, and so on by another person.
Ex: Over the past two to three years the numbers of full text data bases and data banks has started to escalate considerably.
Ex: As the quantity of knowledge expands the need to organise it becomes more pressing.
Ex: As the system grows larger it's more difficult to maintain that control.
Ex: Recall is inversely proportional to precision, and vice versa, or in other words, as one increases, the other must decrease.
Ex: The speaker said that James estimated people function at only 20% of their capacity, and concluded that they could raise this percentage considerable if they knew how to manage their time more efficiently.
Ex: If suppliers are forced out of business, there will be less software to lend and prices will rise with the lack of competition.
Ex: He proposes a research agenda that could strengthen archival appraisal and the profession's ability to document society.
Ex: However, future trends may tend to accentuate this division.
Ex: No true reader can be expected to grow on a diet of prescribed texts only regardless of how well chosen they are.
Ex: In addition, Britain has one of the most extensive bodies of legislation in the world, which is added to daily and encrusted with myriad rules and regulations.
Ex: One of the effects of reading in children is that their appreciation of the processes and function of literature is deepened.
Ex: The use of electronic mail systems has mushroomed in the last 5 years in industrialised nations.
Ex: Whilst these achievements are commendable, there is a catch in them -- there can be used to 'intensify' the economic exploitation of women.
Ex: The population waxed again slightly, then waned again, until it finally stabilized around its present 55,000.
Ex: Reference work has been ill-served in the past by its expositors and theoreticians: its extensive literature of several hundred papers and books is swollen by a mass of the transient and the trivial.
Ex: The article 'Pump up the program...' identifies the costs and benefits of undertaking a software upgrade.
Ex: Most librarians will admit that they could probably increase the use made of their lending libraries and bump up their annual loans by stocking more romances and thrillers and fewer serious novels, but they do not do this.
Ex: The intensity of marketing to schools and parents will have to be stepped up by publishers if they are to succeed in the more competitive market.
Ex: Baby boomers are desperately trying to hold onto their salad days -- plastic surgery, vitamins and drugs like Viagra have spiked in public demand.
Ex: Refiners are cranking up diesel output to meet rising global demand.
Ex: EGND has hit a home run with the introduction of a new product line, increasing sales projections, and ramping up production schedules.
Ex: Liverpool and Chelsea are grabbing all the headlines, but Arsenal have quietly moved it up a gear scoring 10 goals in their last three league games.
Ex: Start gently, ease yourself in by breaking the workout down into three one minute sessions until you are ready to notch it up a gear and join them together.
Ex: There was not much to separate the sides in the first ten minutes however Arsenal took it up a gear and got the goal but not without a bit of luck.
Ex: We have a good time together and we're good friends.. but I'd like to take it up a notch.
Ex: David quickly comprehended our project needs and then cranked it up a notch with impactful design.
Ex: Went for a bike ride with a mate last week, no problems so will crank it up a gear and tackle some hills in the next few weeks.
Ex: After a regular walking routine is established, why not move it up a notch and start jogging, if you haven't already.
Ex: The health department has ratcheted up efforts to prevent or slow down the spread of swine flu in schools.
Ex: In order to gain strength fast, you need to immediately begin amping up your strength thermostat in your mind.
Ex: Cytokines are small proteins used to communicate messages between the immune cells in the immune system to either turn up or down the immune response.
Ex: The stock hit a new high on Monday after gapping up 7%.
Ex: The number of kids who are on medication has jumped dramatically.
Ex: As hospitals keep getting bigger, so do the challenges for design.
Ex: Pakistan's government jacked up defence spending in a new budget Friday that set a deficit of four per cent of GDP.
* aumentar como loco = grow + like crazy.
* aumentar considerablemente = snowball.
* aumentar considerablemente, aumentar vertiginosamente, aumentar rápidamente = snowball.
* aumentar de importancia = grow in + importance ; grow in + significance.
* aumentar de tamaño = grow in + size ; grow + larger ; increase in + size.
* aumentar de valor = increase in + value.
* aumentar el conocimiento = expand + Posesivo + knowledge ; deepen + awareness.
* aumentar el control = tighten (up) + control.
* aumentar el esfuerzo = increase + Posesivo + effort.
* aumentar el negocio = bring in + business.
* aumentar el precio = mark up + price ; jack up + the price.
* aumentar el presupuesto = add + monies to + budget.
* aumentar en cantidad = increase in + quantity.
* aumentar en número = grow in + numbers ; increase in + numbers.
* aumentar en variedad = grow in + kind.
* aumentar la confusión = add to + the confusion.
* aumentar la experiencia = deepen + experience.
* aumentar la productividad = increase + Posesivo + productivity ; boost + Posesivo + productivity.
* aumentar las diferencias entre ... y = widen + the gap between ... and.
* aumentar las posibilidades = increase + the odds.
* aumentar las probabilidades = shorten + the odds.
* aumentar las ventas = boost + sales.
* aumentar la velocidad = grow + faster.
* aumentar los costes = cost + rise.
* aumentar los impuestos = increase + taxes.
* aumentar los ingresos = boost + Posesivo + income ; increase + Posesivo + income.
* aumentar + Posesivo + esfuerzo = increase + Posesivo + effort.
* aumentar + Posesivo + ingresos = increase + Posesivo + income ; boost + Posesivo + income.
* aumentar + Posesivo + productividad = increase + Posesivo + productivity.
* aumentar rápidamente = snowball.
* aumentar vertiginosamente = snowball.
* crisis + aumentar = crisis + deepen.
* curiosidad + aumentar = curiosity + mount.
* estar aumentando = be on the increase.
* pruebas + aumentar = evidence + mount.
* rumores + aumentar = rumours + mount.
* tensión + aumentar = tension + mount.
* volver a aumentar = re-accelerate.

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