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wasp, social insect with membranous wings and a slender body that tapers to a point with a stinging organ at the end
spur on, stir up; spur, urge


(n.) = wasp.
Ex: Parasitization rates were low, but wasps actively attacked the weevil throughout the cauliflower growing season.
* cintura de avispa = wasp waist.
* con cintura de avispa = wasp-waisted.
* nido de avispas = hornet's nest ; wasps' nest.
* parecido a una avispa = waspish.
* relacionado con las avispas = waspish.
* tener avispas en el culo = have + ants in + Posesivo + pants ; have + ants in + Posesivo + knickers.
= smarten.
Ex: Now look at him, he is more mature and has been smartened by adversity which has taught him its lessons on humility.
* avisparse = get + Posesivo + act together ; wise up.

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