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assistant, auxiliary
assistant, helper; adjutant, aide; contributor; companion; consultant; guardian

helper, helpmate, assistant, abetter

(n.) = assistant ; attendant ; helper ; helpmate ; wizard ; legman [legmen, -pl.] ; aider.
Ex: I believe Mr. Freedman hired about 11 student assistants to go through this intentionally dirty file and clean it up.
Ex: However, most of the attendants of scientific meetings held overseas believe that the most important aspect of the meetings was the opportunity of making informal contacts.
Ex: Once again careful planning pays dividends, and plenty of time and helpers are needed.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Microcomputer library resources: headache or helpmate?.
Ex: The database can be created either manually or by using a wizard, which prompts the user with questions that moves them through the creation process.
Ex: The article 'Elmore Leonard's legman' describes the work of Gregg Sutter, the full time researcher of the US mystery writer Elmore Leonard.
Ex: One of the primary psychological aiders of the Taliban is al-Jazeera TV who is constantly feeding the Arab and Islamic world Taliban propaganda.
* ayudante de abogado = paralegal [para-legal].
* ayudante de biblioteca = assistant librarian.
* ayudante de cocina = kitchen assistant.
* ayudante de hospital = hospital attendant.
* ayudante de investigación = research assistant.
* ayudante del shérif = deputy sheriff.
* profesor ayudante = teacher aide ; teaching assistant.

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