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dance, move rhythmically to music (often following pre-composed steps and movements); skip or bounce about in a dance-like manner; spin; jig

he/she dances

(v.) = execute + Baile ; dance ; trip + the light fantastic ; hoof ; shake + a leg ; have + a knees-up.
Ex: Melanie Stanton broke into a gentle laugh as he recalled him executing a shuffling fandango and announcing mischievously, 'Women in the SLA, get ready, here I come!'.
Ex: I am too old any longer to play games or dance; my social life is restricted; and I cannot, as I used, take much interest in the future of the world, for I shan't live long enough to see what is going to happen in it.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Tripping the Light Fantastic with Theodore de Banville'.
Ex: Another comedy sketch consists of a routine in which a dancer, invisible except for white hat, gloves and shoes, hoofs merrily until suffering a fatal seizure = Otro sketch de humor consiste en una rutina en la que el bailarín, invisible salvo por un sombrero blanco, guantes y zapatos, baila alegremente hasta que sufre un fatal ataque epiléptico.
Ex: Small wonder then that western dance classes in the city are brimming with corporates learning to shake a leg and get rid of accumulated stress.
Ex: Don't forget we are having a knees-up on New Years Eve! See you there!.
* bailar a saltitos = jig.
* bailar el swing = jive.
* bailar jazz = jive.
* bailar la danza del vientre = belly-dance.
* cantar y bailar = do + a song and dance routine.
* hartarse de bailar = dance + Posesivo + heart out.
* no poder quitar lo bailado = have + no regrets ; live + Posesivo + life to the fullest and have no regrets.
* que nos quiten lo bailado = We'll always have Paris.
* sacar a Alguien a bailar = ask + Nombre + to dance.
* tocar bailar con la más fea = get + the shit(tty) end of the stick ; get + the short end of the stick ; get + a raw deal.

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