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balsam; balm, salve

balm, balsam


(n.) = balm ; salve ; balsam ; oil.
Ex: The primary aim was to identify chemists who are experts in the agricultural production of plants and their varietal selection and the extraction of oils and balms from these plants.
Ex: 'Catching 10' while the supervisor is looking the other way is both a salve to the tired body & a little act of opposition.
Ex: Balsam is used topically for scabies, prurigo, and pruritus as well as taken internally for bronchitis and to lessen mucous secretions.
Ex: Plaster was mixed with water and poured over the type, and allowed to set; when it had hardened it was lifted off the page (the oil preventing it from sticking to the type), and baked hard in an oven.
* bálsamo de eucalipto = eucalyptus oil.
* bálsamo labial = lip balm.
* bálsamo para frotar = rubbing oil.

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