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bandit, outlaw, brigand



(n.) = rapparee ; bandit ; highway robber ; desperado ; outlaw ; highwayman.
Ex: In the early nineteenth century the various education societies were horrified to find that people were reading books such as 'the Seven Wonders of the World' and 'Irish Rogues and rapparees'.
Ex: These works presents a picture of China filled with devastation, turbulence, bandits, beggars and poverty.
Ex: Suppose you are abducted by a highway robber, who intends to ransom you and in return for your release you promise to deliver the ransom yourself; should you subsequently keep your promise?.
Ex: Notorious outlaws, desperadoes, and gunslingers rustled up trouble in town after town but when the gold disappeared they all left.
Ex: Some headings are vague and without scope notes to define them: ROBBERS AND outlaws; CRIME AND CRIMINALS; ROGUES AND VAGABONDS.
Ex: He was one of the best-known highwaymen of the day with a swashbuckling, devil-may-care character.

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