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(Andean and Mexico) bargain; sale; (Southern Cone) cockroach, type of insect
cheap, inexpensive; dirt cheap, extremely inexpensive


(adj.) = cheap ; low-cost ; low-priced ; lower-cost ; pulp ; inexpensively ; on the cheap ; cheapo ; low-budget ; no-frills ; cut-price ; cut-rate ; a dime a dozen ; downscale ; downmarket.
Ex: These indexes are both cheap and quick to produce.
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS is designed to give fast efficient, and low-cost assistance to librarians.
Ex: Permission has been granted to introduce a system of surveillance licensing for the purpose of monitoring imports of low-priced goods, such as clothing and footwear originating in non-EC countries.
Ex: Following our examples, the neighbors decide that they can provide the lower-cost food service to the wider community by buying in even larger quantities, and in the process make a profit for themselves.
Ex: There are pulp detective novels and 'Simenon'; there are pulp Western films and 'High Noon'.
Ex: This has enabled libraries to acquire materials more quickly and almost as inexpensively as in the past.
Ex: The author provides a selected list of Internet sites covering various aspects of travel and tourism such as accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, travelling abroad, and touring on the cheap.
Ex: I just put the DVD in my cheapo DVD player connected to my TV and it played without a hitch.
Ex: Lodge Kerrigan's 'Clean, Shaven' is a blistering piece of cinematic inventiveness and a young director's low-budget first feature.
Ex: This is a good guide for independent travellers looking for cheap, no-frills intercity transport around the country.
Ex: Turkey is heavily promoted by tour operators as an idyllic holiday destination, the cut-price alternative to Greece or Cyprus.
Ex: Most of these cut-rate laptops include a one-year parts and labor warranty.
Ex: The Wizard, played by Joel Grey, is a smooth-talking dumbbell who admits he is 'a corn-fed hick' and 'one of your dime-a-dozen mediocrities'.
Ex: It is a relatively small and shabby building in the middle of a downscale neighborhood.
Ex: Those downmarket films brought my family financial security.
* aerolínea barata = low-cost carrier ; low-cost airline.
* alojamiento barato = budget accommodation.
* barato pero sin avergonzarse de ello = cheap and cheerful.
* bueno, bonito y barato = cheap and cheerful.
* compañía aérea barata = low-cost airline ; low-cost carrier.
* de novela barata = novelettish.
* de un modo barato = inexpensively ; thriftily.
* dirigir a un mercado más barato = downscale ; downmarket.
* edición barata = trade paperback.
* el ser barato = cheapness.
* escritura barata = hack writing.
* hotel barato = budget hotel ; downscale hotel ; downmarket hotel.
* humor barato = cheap laughs.
* línea aérea barata = low-cost airline ; low-cost carrier.
* literatura barata = pulp fiction.
* lo barato = inexpensiveness.
* lo barato sale caro = you get what you pay for ; buy cheap, pay dear ; pay now or pay later ; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys ; penny wise, pound foolish ; save a penny, spend a dollar ; save a penny, spend a pound.
* mantenimiento barato = low maintenance.
* novela barata = novelette.
* oratoria barata = soapbox.
* producido de un modo barato = cheaply-produced.
* rollo barato = soapbox.
* tarifa especial más barata = discount charge.
* vender a un precio más barato que = undercut.
* vender más barato = undercut.
* venderse barato = sell + Reflexivo + short.
* venta a un precio más barato = undercutting.
* vuelo barato = budget flight.

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