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chin; beard, whiskers; wattle; actor who performs as an elderly man
grow a beard, let a beard grow on one's face; strike a root in gardening



(n.) = beard ; burr ; deckle edge.
Ex: There was a small bald spot on the crown of his head, and his chin was covered with a short graying beard.
Ex: Drypoint was another method of engraving printing plates in the fifteenth century according to which the design was sketched directly on to the plate with a steel point, the burr being left alone.
Ex: Paper made in side-by-side two-sheet moulds can easily be identified by the fact that in a whole sheet (i.e. one that has deckle edges all round) the chain lines are parallel to the longer edges.
* barba de chivo = goatee ; goatee beard.
* barba de media tarde = five o'clock shadow.
* barba de tres días = stubble beard ; stubble.
* barba de tres días de moda = designer stubble.
* barba incipiente = stubble ; stubble beard.
* barba incipiente de moda = designer stubble.
* con barba = bearded.
* doble barba = double chin.
* sin barba = beardless.
* tirarse de las barbas = tear + Posesivo + hair out.

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